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In recent decades the financial world has been in turmoil. The uncertainty of the reference markets has radically changed the feelings and the projections of institutional and private investors, financial analysts, market operators and, in general, of the financial community regarding investments. Moreover, new technologies have entered into the markets preponderantly. Quant & Partners has decided to abandon saturated market areas, by distancing itself from superficial and ready-made investment solutions. Despite the complexity of the changeable financial scenario, to operate effectively the company focuses on smart and unconventional ideas. In fact, its specialists develop personalized and advantageous strategies applicable to various asset classes, by employing multiple resources in terms of financial products.

Thinking global, acting independently

Quant & Partners choose a path purged of out-of-date market mentality by preferring a global, prospective and understandable way to do investments. By combining a solid expertise merely focused on finance derived from a long experience in portfolio management, quantitative analysis and financial technologies, the company aims to contain and to bypass the market’s insecurity and vagueness proposing innovative and competitive financial products and structures.